about me

hey i'm sloane. i live in columbus, ohio with my wife hayley, cat stickers, and dog theo.

i enjoy taking photos, listening to and playing music, watching movies and tv, and all sorts of other things. i'm no expert on any of these things and i'm doing my best to be okay with that and share what make despite that.

like most folks i spend the majority of my time at work. these days for me that means writing software and managing a team of other folks writing software. i've dabbled in some extracurricular programming in the past but work seems to be plenty these days. i think the only real programming i do outside of work anymore is the annual advent of code.

i cycle through being active on social media, checking my account sporadically, and completely deleting everything (this site included) so if you're reading this, enjoy it while you can.

this last bit here is mostly for me: i don't spend much time editing the things i put up here. this is a place to be more vulnerably me and so i'm trying to just put it all out there.